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Torrance World War II Camp Memorial

By November 10, 2019November 15th, 2023Programs

When: Sunday, November 10, 2019 @ 2:00 p.m.

Place: Merit Park Recreation Hall
58 Merit Park Drive, Gardena
East of Pacific Square, enter by 158 th St.

Speaker: Kanji Sahara, GLA Vice President, Legislation

Business Meeting: 1:00 pm meeting and elections of 2020 GLA officers and board

Program: Kanji Sahara will speak on the Torrance WWII Camp Memorial which is composed of the Honor Roll Wall and the Display Panels. The Honor Roll Wall will have the names of all those incarcerated in the camps of the War Relocation Authority, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Justice and Army during WWII. The Display Panels will describe the camps and have related material. The Memorial will be located in Columbia Park, 4045 190 th Street, Torrance.

Image: Kanji Sahara