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GLA JACL Heart Mountain Short Films

By April 26, 2022July 17th, 2022Programs

When: Sunday, May 22, 2022 @ 1:00 p.m.

Free Virtual Program

Moderator:  Jeff MacIntyre

Program: This program showcases six short films from novice filmmakers created at Heart Mountain’s Digital Storytelling Workshops, hosted by David Ono and Jeff MacIntyre, producers of the Emmy Award-winning film, The Legacy of Heart Mountain. From camp artifacts to profound memories of an era of discrimination and prejudice, the films highlight the importance of keeping these stories alive.

The program moderator is Jeff MacIntyre, an Emmy-winning producer, cameraman and editor known for documentaries and his work with ABC News. A panel discussion, featuring a couple of the filmmakers, will follow the short films. Plus, there will be an exciting opportunity to preserve your family’s story!

Short Films: 3-4 minutes per film

“I Would Like to Know” by Paiton Gleeson
“On My Shoulders” by Shirley Higuchi
“The Upside-Down Mountain” by Darrell Kunitomi
“Swing for the Fences” by Julianne Abe
“Unravel” by Wendell Kishaba
“Knock Knock” by Grace Morizawa

For a Zoom link to the program, please RSVP to:

Chapter business meeting follows the program.

Image: Heart Mountain Filmmakers